Oral Biosciences & Medicine
Oral Biosci Med 2 (2005), No. 4     27. Jan. 2006
Oral Biosci Med 1 (2004), No. 4  (07.02.2005)

Page 291-297

Kaposi Sarcoma and Calcium Channel Blocker-Induced Gingival Enlargement Occurring Simultaneously: Review Of The Literature and Report of a Case
Feller, L. / Jadwat, Y. / Raubenheimer, E. J.
The gingiva is a site which hosts a great number of overgrowths; plaque induced and drug induced gingival enlargements, neoplastic lesions and gingival reactive overgrowths with or without calcification.

Keywords: Kaposi sarcoma, gingival overgrowth, calcium channel blocker