Oral Biosciences & Medicine
Issue 2/2004     7. July 2004
7. July 2004
Pages: 75 - 148

Page 75
Editorial: Why Publish in Oral Biosciences & Medicine?
Nauntofte, Birgitte/Reibel, Jesper/Reichart, Peter A./Sciubba, James J./Zakrzewska, Joanna
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Page 77-91
Molecular Mechanisms of Tooth Development and Malformations
Schwabe, Georg C./Opitz, Charlotte/Tinschert, Sigrid/Mundlos, Stefan/Sharpe, Paul T.
Page 93-108
Oral Microflora in Patients with Salivary Gland Hypofunction
Hofer, Esther/Beier Jensen, Siri/Lynge Pedersen, Anne Marie/Bardow, Allan/Nauntofte, Birgitte
Page 109-115
Whole Saliva Flow Rates and Saliva Proteins in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome
Bez, Cristina/Uglietti, Daniela/Demarosi, Federica/Lodi, Giovanni/Sardella, Andrea/Viscardi, Sonia/Carrassi, Antonio
Page 117-122
Characterization of the Nuclear Activity of Aging Acinar and Ductal Cells of Palatal Salivary Glands
Vered, Marilena/Buchner, Amos/Sivor, Smadar/Feinstein, Lior/Hiss, Yehuda/Dayan, Dan
Page 135-144
Retention of Allogeneic Calvarial Periosteum as Soft Tissue around Allogeneic Transplanted Teeth in Alveolar Bone
Kawasaki, Hideyuki/Okamatsu, Yoshimasa/Ohazama, Atsushi/Hasegawa, Kohji
Page 145-148
Maxillary Osteonecrosis in Visceral Leishmaniasis: a Case Report
Colella, Giuseppe/Borriello, Carlo/Scully, Crispian