Oral Biosciences & Medicine
Issue 3/2004     30. Sep. 2004
30. Sep. 2004
Pages: 149 - 225

Page 149-150
Editorial: Radiation Therapy and the Dental Management Team
Nauntofte, Birgitte/Reibel, Jesper/Reichart, Peter A./Sciubba, James J./Zakrzewska, Joanna
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Page 151-169
Oral Findings in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa with Special Reference to Salivary Changes
Dynesen, Anja Weirsoe/Bardow, Allan/Pedersen, Anne Marie Lynge/Nauntofte, Birgitte
Page 195-206
Ectodysplasin-A1 Promotes Epithelial Branching and Duct Formation in Developing Submandibular Glands
Nordgarden, Hilde/Mustonen, Tuija/Berner, Heidi Sire/Pispa, Johanna/Ilmonen, Maritta/Jensen, Janicke Liaaen/Storhaug, Kari/Thesleff, Irma/Lyngstadaas, Staale Petter
Page 213-217
An in vitro Experimental Study of the Action of Local Anaesthetics on Myocardium
Dabarakis, Nickolaos N./Tsirlis, Anastasios T./Parissis, Nickolaos A./Spyridopoulos, Georgios D./Papaefthimiou, Chrisovalantis
Page 219-225
Anatomical Site Variation in Oral Mucosal Vascularity
El-Gazzar, Reda Fouad/Maclusky, Michaelina/Ogden, Graham R.