Oral Biosciences & Medicine
Issue 2-3/2005     30. Aug. 2005
30. Aug. 2005
Pages: 53 - 225

Page 53
Editorial: Facing the Future - Challenges in Oral Biology
Mombelli, Andrea/Nauntofte, Birgitte/Reibel, Jesper
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Page 57-65
Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants of Skeletal Morphogenesis - Role of Cellular Polarity and Ciliary Function in Skeletal Development and Growth
Olsen, Bjorn R./Kolpakova, Elona/McBratney-Owen, Brandeis/Li, Xiaogang/Zhou, Jing/Fukai, Naomi
Page 67-73
Genetics and Morphogenesis
Dixon, Michael J.
Page 75-81
How to Replace a Tooth: Fish(ing) for Answers
Huysseune, Ann/Delgado, Sidney/Witten, P. Eckhard
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Page 95-103
Stem Cells in Oral Mucosal Epithelia
Mackenzie, Ian C.
Page 115-122
Pancreatic Development: Relevance to the Salivary Glands
MacDonald, Raymond J./Swift, Galvin H.
Page 123-125
Saving Faces - Tissue Repair and Regeneration
Feinberg, Stephen E.
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Page 127-132
Dentine Regeneration: Key Roles for Stem Cells and Molecular Signalling
Smith, Anthony J./Patel, Minal/Graham, Lee/Sloan, Alastair J./Cooper, Paul R.
Page 133-139
Control of Bone Formation by AP-1 Transcription Factor and Rho GTPases: Implications for Bone Regeneration and Tissue Repair
Grigoriadis, Agamemnon E./Sunters, Andrew/Harmey, Dympna/McGowan, Neil W.A.
Page 141-145
Future of Gene Transfer in Oral Biology
Chiorini, John A.
Page 153-161
Activation of Latent TGF-ß1 by Thromobospondin-1 is a Major Component of Wound Repair
Nör, Jacques E./DiPietro, Luisa/Murphy-Ullrich, Joanne E./Hynes, Richard O./Lawler, Jack/Polverini, Peter J.
Page 163-165
Facing Facts - Making Sense of Oral Infection
Kilian, Mogens
Page 167-174
Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS Lipid A Heterogeneity Significantly Affects Endothelial Cells Innate Host Responses
Darveau, Richard P./Reife, Robert A./Al-Qutub, Montaser/Bainbridge, Brian W./Coats, Stephen R./Braham, Pamela A.
Page 175-184
Host Gene Expression in Local Tissues in Response to Periodontal Pathogens
Ebersole, Jeffrey L./Meka, Archana/Stromberg, Arnold/Saunders, Chris/Lakshmyya, Kesavalu
Page 191-194
Comparative Microbial Genomics
Duncan, Margaret J.
Page 195-200
Environment Virulence Regulation in Streptococcus mutans
Korithoski, Bryan/Guggenheim, Bernhard/Cvitkovitch, Dennis G.
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Page 209-213
Etiology of Oral Disease in View of Microbial Complexity
Tanner, Anne C. R./Izard, Jacques
Page 215-220
Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease at the Periodontal Tissue-Biofilm Interface: Biological Correlates
Offenbacher, Steven/Barros, Silvana P./Champagne, Catherine M. E./Moss, Kevin/Welborn, R. Alan/Levy, Russ/Lin, Dongming/Beck, James D.