Oral Biosciences & Medicine
Issue 4/2005     27. Jan. 2006
27. Jan. 2006
Pages: 233 - 272

Page 233
Editorial: A Message to Our Esteemed Readers
Wolters, Johannes
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Page 235-240
Topical Tacrolimus in Erosive Oral Lichen Planus: An Effective Treatment Approach
Eckardt, A./Völker, B./Starke, O./Kaever, V./Kapp, A.
Page 241-248
TRPV1 Receptor Mechanisms Involved in Capsaicin-Induced Oedema in the Temporomandibular Joint Region
Hu, J. W./Fiorentino, P. M./Cairns, B. E./Sessle, B. J.
Page 249-251
Oral Hairy Leukoplakia in an HIV-Negative, Immunocompetent Patient
Moffat, M./Jauhar, S./Jones, M. E./MacDonald, D. G./Felix, D.H.
Page 253-257
Oral Histoplasmosis Associated with HIV Disease: Report of two Cases from Thailand
Siwamogstham, P./Reichart, P. A./Thosaporn, W./Prapamonton, N.
Page 259-264
Organ Transplantation - Assessment of Dental Procedures
Melkos, A. B./Massenkeil, G./Neuhaus, R./Hummel, M./Arnold, R./Reichart, P. A.
Page 265-272
Dentin and Enamel Phenotype in Fabry Mice
Goldberg, M./Septier, D./Limaye, A./Sreenath, T./Kulkarni, A. B.